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The phenomenon of global warming is becoming a hot issue discussed in academic discourses. The preventive action needed to reduce the risk of the global warming effect. The danger of global warming is found in urban areas. Since the urban area is a place of human life that has the potential as the heart of economic growth, the center of culture, a source of innovation and creation, and a vehicle to improve the quality of life, several strategies to reduce the effect of global warming must be implemented.

The attractions of urban areas lead people to urbanize into big cities. The level of population in big cities is increasing year by year. According to the United Nations (UN) data, it is estimated around 54% of the population lives in cities. This causes problems and must be solved immediately. As demand for land continues to increase, uncontrolled development will affect the quality of the environment. In addition, other problems are also from the economic, social and political factors. These impacts will last for a long time.

Sustainable urban planning becomes vital, looking at an increasing number of problem in urban areas. Government policies and regulations, regional policy orientation, urban development strategies, financing, and institutions are expected to have a positive impact in solving problems of urban areas. Therefore, this sustainable urban planning requires support and cooperation from various parties, including the local government, academics, and society.

The government considers to harmonizing the national long-term and mid-term development plan to compose Presidential Regulation Number 59 of 2017. It was signed on July 4, 2017, about to the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, which consists of 17 goals. This Perpres (Peraturan Presiden) is a follow-up to the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) at the United Nations (UN) conference agreed upon by 193 countries. It is hoped that these regulations will help in establishing a sustainable development plan for the society we live in.

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Prof. Shimada
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  1. Dr.Chaterin Lorin Nebel (Prancis)

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  3. Dr.Asman Abnur (Ketua IKA PASCA UNAIR)

  4. Brigjen.Pol. Dr. Dra. Juansih, SH.,M.Hum

  5. Kombes Pol.Drg.Lisda Cancer, M, Biotech  (Kepala Bidang DVI Pusdokes Mabes Polri)

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